Success stories

We have raised over £60,000 for children in need since our inception.

Witney pre op pic

Whitney has had surgery

Fully Funded: £567
Whitney has had life saving surgery
Jayden op

Jayden can now breath properly after adenoid surgery

Fully Funded: £388
Jayden can
Ali pre op film

Ali has had the neurosurgery he needed

Fully Funded: £599
Ali is now recovering from neurosurgery
Damiano post op

Damiano’s surgery saved his life

Fully Funded: £2,511
Damiano’s surgery saved his life

Hellen’s surgery was a success

Fully Funded: £150
7-month-old Hellen’s surgery has changed her life
Angella leg surgery 1

Angella can walk again after surgery

Fully Funded: £261
Angella can walk again after burning her leg in a fire
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Total Raised
Norman needs surgery after being diagnosed with adenoid hypertrophy