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No child should die from an easily correctable surgical problem, have a treatable injury result in a lifelong disability or live with a congenital abnormality, simply because they can’t afford or reach medical care.
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We’re making sure children get safe surgery by…

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Holding outreach clinics

Our clinics are held in areas where medical care isn’t available so parents and carers can find out about us and have their child assessed for surgery.
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Offering consultations

Parents and carers meet with the surgeon to find out everything they need to know about the operation. If surgery is the only option and the family cannot afford it our medical partners submit the patient details to our website to be funded.

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As soon as the profile is on our website our surgeons can operate, and donors can fund the operation.

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Covering the costs

100% of every donation fund every aspect of surgery including transport to and from hospital, hospital stay, medications and follow up care.

Thank you

If you donated or fundraised to cover the costs of a child’s operation, where possible, we’ll send you a follow up so you can see how your donation saved or changed a child’s life.

Humanity Direct has funded over 1000 lifesaving and life changing operations

From skin grafts to neurosurgery as well as surgery for hernias, cataracts, tumours, and congenital defects.

Neema was one of the first patients to have their surgery funded after being bitten by a snake. The operation saved her leg. This is Neema walking again after surgery.

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Glasses For Classes was launched in 2019 providing glasses for children with the poorest eyesight.

We’ve tested over 20,000 eyes and over 2000 children have received a pair of glasses so they can see clearly for the first time.

A pair of glasses can transform a child’s life, helping them see their studies and remain in school.

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