Success Stories

Michael's brain surgery success





14-yr-old Michael has made a great recovery after surgery for a brain tumour. 

14-yr-old Michael is looking forward to returning to school and playing football again after successful surgery to remove a large brain tumour.

Michael & his family had been incredibly worried about the large growth on the right side of his head that was causing him headaches, weakness on one side of his body & fatigue.

A CT scan & consultation with neurosurgeon, Dr Hussein Ssenyonjo, confirmed a brain tumour, and although benign, the tumour was large and there were concerns about its impact on the right frontal lobe. Surgery to remove the tumour and reconstruct his skull was the only option.

None of this would have been possible without the money raised at our XNRG fundraiser earlier this year. Donations paid for the CT scan, consultation, actual surgery, hospital stay, post-op care (including medications) and transport to and from hospital.

On behalf of Michael & his family a huge Thank You to everyone who made this possible.