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Damiano's surgery saved his life

Damiano post op




Domiano has made a great recovery after complex surgery

10-month-old Domiano has made a great recovery  after surgery for a rare and complex condition.

Domiano was born with bladder exstrophy - a condition that means his bladder was essentially inside out, exposed and couldn’t store urine or function normally.

The condition is associated with other defects including problems with the abdominal wall, genitals, pelvic bones and intestines.

Surgery repaired the bladder and attached the pelvic bones together.  Because this is such complex surgery three surgeons were involved - Dr Dan Namuguzi (Urologist), Dr Norbert Orwotho, (Orthopaedic surgeon), and Dr Edmond Odull Odongo (Orthopaedic Surgeon).

Thank you to everyone who took part in our XNRG Chiltern ultra whose donations funded this operation.


Damiano post op