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How It Works

Humanity Direct works with several hospitals in countries including Uganda, Tanzania and Somaliland where many families can't afford even basic medicine so being able to afford an operation is out of the question. Many delay seeking medical care until the condition worsens or get into debt they can never repay. 
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First and Foremost

Doctors put forward patients for the website if they fulfill two criteria, namely that the operation will dramatically improve the patient's life and that they can't afford it themselves. All our costs and overheads are funded privately enabling 100% of your donation to fund the operation, medical supplies, hospital stay and aftercare of the patient. 
Our Patients

Our patients

We have patients who need operations from neurosurgery to skin grafts with an average cost of £200. You can fundraise to cover the entire cost of the operation or donate from as little as £10 to contribute towards it. Every penny you donate is spent on covering the costs of that patient's medical treatment. 
100% Guaranteed

Universal Fund

Alternatively, if you are unsure of who to help, or find it difficult to pick just one of all our deserving patients, you can choose to give to the Universal Fund. Every penny donated to the Universal Fund is spent on surgery and is often used for emergency operations or to top-up patients that are close to being fully funded. 


Thank you

You'll always see the impact your donation has had as we will send you a picture or a video with an update on the patient once they've had their surgery and are ready to go home. 


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