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RAISED £32.39 GOAL £109.00
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I’m running a 50 km Ultra to help a child receive a simple, life-changing operation. Please donate today. 

RAISED £850.00 GOAL £1,169.00
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This year I have decided to swap my Prosecco for protein shakes and I have signed up for running challenges totting up to nearly 100 miles! So far...

RAISED £165.00 GOAL £205.00
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As per title, I’m running another ultra-marathon, but this time I have decided to fundraise for Humanity Direct and in particular a young lad...

RAISED £20.00 GOAL £181.00
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Please help raise money for this good cause by donating what you can.

RAISED £148.00 GOAL £300.00
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I am running my first ever Ultra Marathon this September 😱 I am also trying to raise a bit of money along the way to try and fund this simple oper...

RAISED £642.15 GOAL £1,437.00
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Our wedding guests have been unbelievably generous, so we had to open a second fundraising page! Thank you all for supporting this wonderful charit...

RAISED £1,235.50 Fully Funded
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So we finally got round to it folks, we’re getting hitched!

We’re thrilled so many of you are willing and able to join us to celebr...

RAISED £1,714.00 GOAL £3,111.00
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Running the Al Andalus Ultimate Trail - 142 miles in 5 days - in July to raise money to fund 16 surgeries. 

As part of Team Alfi, I comple...

RAISED £125.00 GOAL £205.00
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I will be running the 31 mile humanity direct ultra marathon. This is to help children in Africa to have operations that we take for granted.

RAISED £135.75 GOAL £205.00
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Well it’s about time, after all the Ultras i have done and everyone asking which charity are you running for. I decide to actually run an Ult...

RAISED £120.00 GOAL £289.00
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lets raise such a litttle amount, for some life changing help.

RAISED £10.00 GOAL £182.00
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Humanity Direct raise money for children in developing countries. My aim is to raise money for a 10mth old baby boy called Abdul, who has a hernia...

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