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RAISED £0.00 GOAL £186.00
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The Amersham Ultra begins at my son’s school up the road from where we live and is raising money for such a great charity, that I couldn&rsqu...

RAISED £1,714.00 GOAL £3,111.00
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Taking on Deadwater - a 235 mile race over 6 days in August 2018 - to continue raising funds for an incredible cause.


In 2017 I rais...

RAISED £23.00 GOAL £205.00
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I am running the Amersham Ultra in March 2018 to raise money for Safina’s treatment via Humanity Direct.

RAISED £92.39 GOAL £109.00
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I’m running a 50 km Ultra to help a child receive a simple, life-changing operation. Please donate today. 

RAISED £116.00 Fully Funded
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I Running Amersham ultra 50k in March and help raising some money for this 9 year old boy called Kelly for a operation to help him wee properly.Any...

RAISED £270.00 Fully Funded
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So here we are ago. My partner in crime and I (Pat) have decided to give another ultra a go. We have separate fun raising pages but will stick toge...

RAISED £165.00 GOAL £205.00
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As per title, I’m running another ultra-marathon, but this time I have decided to fundraise for Humanity Direct and in particular a young lad...

RAISED £0.00 GOAL £205.00
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Hi everyone, I’m running Amersham HD ultra in March.

Last time we managed to raise enough money to fund an operation for Richard from Uga...

RAISED £23.00 GOAL £205.00
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Walking the Humanity Direct Ultra to raise money to pay for an operation for Henry who needs a tumour removing from his head

RAISED £0.00 GOAL £125.00
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We will be raising money to fund Favour’s operation, Holly by running an ultra-marathon (30 miles) and TJ by holding various sponsored events...

RAISED £77.50 GOAL £250.00
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This year is going to be the year that I get fit again, after having a year of hospital visits, enough tablets to sink a battleship, and putting on...

RAISED £0.00 GOAL £205.00
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After reading the stories of all the children who require help we have decided that although we cannot help every child we can definitely make a st...

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