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Too many children suffer or die from a lack of medical care simply because their families can't afford the treatment they need. We want to change that by enabling donors to directly fund life saving and life changing operations for children in developing countries. 

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Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls
"I have been lucky to know the founder of this incredible charity for many years and it is a special one! One person helping another - such a simple mission but one that can transform millions of lives for the better. I am proud to be involved."
Bear Grylls


RAISED £65.00 GOAL £150.00
Viola needs surgery to remove a cyst on her left eye
RAISED £0.00 GOAL £20,000.00
Join us on our special Christmas event as we collectively run from the North Pole to Kampala in Uganda.
RAISED £0.00 GOAL £150.00
3-yr-old Newton needs eye surgery to remove cataracts.
The Universal Fund covers the cost of emergency surgery that can’t wait for money to be raised in real time such as burns,c-sections, hernia complicat...
RAISED £0.00 GOAL £5,000.00

Uganda has just four pediatric opthamologists and three registered optometrists serving a population of 34 million people. Glaucoma (the leading ca...

RAISED £146.99 GOAL £200.00
6-yr-old Hanian has a hernia that only surgery can correct. Hanian’s mum has tried to get it treated but the cost of surgery was prohibitively expensi...
RAISED £1.00 GOAL £116.00
This lovely young lady is 14-year-old Cissy who is looking for help to pay for a surgery to remove a large and very painful cyst.
RAISED £228.80 Fully Funded

Hello everyone, I need your help...... 

I am taking on a new challenge: running 50km on Saturday 27th September 2020... I know cray, right...

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