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Too many children suffer or die from a lack of medical care simply because their families can't afford the treatment they need. We want to change that by enabling donors to directly fund life saving and life changing operations for children in developing countries. 

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RAISED £50.00 GOAL £227.00
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Six-year-old Sharif has lost the sight in his right eye after injuring it while playing. He needs surgery to prevent the damage getting worse and losi...
RAISED £150.00 GOAL £320.00
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7-month old Cabdinour has had to have both legs amputated after his parents, unable to afford proper medical care, sought the help of a local ’healer’...
RAISED £0.00 GOAL £182.00
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This young man is three-year-old Kimbugwe from Uganda. Kimbugwe needs surgery to remove a hernia - a common and possibly fatal condition.
RAISED £1,038.00 GOAL £1,075.00
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Rob will be running, swimming & cycling almost 170 miles to raise over £1000 to fund live-saving & life changing surgery for four children.
RAISED £767.00 Fully Funded
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Jasmine completed the 26.2 Edinburgh marathon course funding surgery for Imra, Kevin and William.
RAISED £5,005.00 Fully Funded
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Done! Anna ran 31 marathon in 31 days to celebrate her 50th & raised an astonishing amount that will fund operations for 21 children.
RAISED £2,235.00 Fully Funded
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Congratulations to Fred, Alastair, Alex, Olly & David for completing the Windsor Triathlon & raising double the amount they expected to for our patien...
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Every penny donated to the Universal Fund is spent on medical treatment for our patients. The fund allows us to ’top-up’ patients that...

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