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Too many children suffer or die from a lack of medical care simply because their families can't afford the treatment they need. We want to change that by enabling donors to directly fund life saving and life changing operations for children in developing countries. 

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The Universal Fund covers the cost of emergency surgery that can’t wait for money to be raised in real time.
RAISED £132.08 GOAL £195.00
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3-year-old Faith needs surgery to correct a condition that is leaving her struggling to breath.
RAISED £72.50 GOAL £205.00
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This beautiful little girl is Desire who is three years old and has a umbilical hernia which requires surgery.
RAISED £163.88 Fully Funded
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2-yr-old Samantha has made a fantasist recovery from surgery for a large umbilical hernia.
RAISED £0.00 GOAL £377.00
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So we finally got round to it folks, we’re getting hitched!

We’re thrilled so many of you are willing and able to join us to celebr...

RAISED £1,674.00 GOAL £3,111.00
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Running the Al Andalus Ultimate Trail - 142 miles in 5 days - in July to raise money to fund 16 surgeries. 

As part of Team Alfi, I comple...

RAISED £591.00 GOAL £716.00
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I shall be taking part in no less than 20 marathons and ultras in 2017.

I would like to raise money for a different charity this time. Funding...

RAISED £1,705.00 Fully Funded
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In just a few weeks Catrin will take on one of the hardest races on earth - the Marathon des Sables to raise money for the emergency surgery cases we...
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