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Sumaya'S STORY


Seven-year-old Sumaya first noticed she was losing the sight in one of her eyes just a couple of months ago. Her vision rapidly deteriorated until she was totally blind in her left eye. Her family tried to find an eye surgeon but in Uganda such surgeons are rare with just one ophthalmologist for every million people and limited medical facilities that have all the necessary equipment.

Sumaya would need to go to the main hospital in Kampala - a trip that her family simply couldn’t afford. Our volunteers heard about Sumaya and now, thanks to Anna, Sumaya’s eye-sight in her left eye has been restored.

Summary’s mum is overjoyed and said: "Now I am very happy because my daughter has been unable to see and has been living in pain. Now that has gone away I will be able to sleep now."

The World Bank has identified cataract surgery in particular as one of the most cost-effective interventions that can be offered in lower and middle income-countries. Surgery is a straightforward procedure, the cost of postoperative medication is low as there’s no need for antibiotics and recovery is swift. It’s a typical example of the low-cost, high-impact surgery we fund.



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