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Siman.'S STORY


One-year-old Siman was diagnosed with pyomyositis, a life-threatening complication of chickenpox resulting in a bacterial infection of the skeletal muscles. As a result of the infection Siman developed a rather nasty and large abscess on her thigh that was painful and affecting her ability to walk as she didn’t want to put weight on the limb. Siman had an operation to drain the abscess and was put on a course of antibiotics. Siman’s parents couldn’t afford to cover the bill with getting into debt and further poverty. However, thanks to Robert the bill has been settled and Siman has made a complete recovery and can now walk properly.



Raising Money For Siman.


Catherine Capell

So very proud of you Rob. We really admire your determination. Wishing you every success and a BIG drink to celebrate afterwards!!


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