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Sebastian'S STORY


Thanks to our amazing donors Sebastian has started having surgery to help him walk again. Sebastian was born with Larsen Syndrome, a condition that affects the development of bones throughout the body. In Sebastian’s case he has dislocated knees and femoral torsion that means his legs turn inwards making it impossible for him to walk.

The picture shows Sebastian shortly after surgery to his right leg. Both legs would have been operated on at the same time but he developed an allergic reaction when they started on his left leg so that operation has been postponed until January. The money donated will cover both operations. Sebastian is from Venezuela where the severe economic crisis has made healthcare scarce and expensive. Sebastian was operated on at The Hospital Ortopedico Infantil (Children Orthopaedic Hospital) a private, non-profit organisation whose mission is the care of children and young people aged between 0 and 16 years with scarce economic resources and musculoskeletal problems. We’ll update again in January but for now a massive ’thank you’ to everyone who donated to make this possible.




Raising Money For Sebastian


David Wright

Que te mejores :) saludos


Ole Christian Lunde





Go and conquer the world Sebastian!



Get well:)






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