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Four-year-old Sam is now back home following successful surgery to correct an obstruction of his bladder that could have damaged his kidneys and caused urinary tract infections. Before he had his surgery four-year-old Sam wasn’t able to walk properly and was off his food. There was very little healthcare where they live and the local clinic couldn’t do anything but refer him to the main hospital in Kampala that Sam’s family couldn’t afford to reach. Thanks to Anna we’ve were able to cover the costs of Sam’s operation. Not only has Sam made a great recovery but by funding his operation his mum has avoided getting into debt and further poverty. Sam’s mum said: "͞This is what we have longed for, previously and specifically last year. Thank you very for honoring your promise and for doing it free of charge, this is such a rare opportunity in our community and many would yearn for it but with no chance like the one I have got. I think I will sleep dreaming for this luck.͟" This is Dr Dan shortly after Sam’s surgery.

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