Julius K

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Julius'S STORY


Three-year-old Julius had a supra umbilicus hernia. His mum told our healthcare volunteers that the hernia has been causing Julius discomfort since he was a year old but they could never afford to see a doctor as they are subsistence farmers - producing just enough food to live on with nothing spare to sell in order to make money. Thanks to Anna’s fundraising efforts Julius was able to undergo surgery and he has made a fantastic recovery. This is Julius and Ponny our healthcare worker in Uganda after returning home from hospital to a very relieved grandfather & dad:


His mum said: "I’m extremely happy for my boy because he has been having on and off pains for the last two years. We have been looking for a way of fixing this problem but we failed to raise money required for the surgery. Thank you God you have come to our rescue. I hope Julius will be able to live a healthier life after this successful operation".





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