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Hassan'S STORY


Hassan was born with with undescended testis. When our volunteers found him he was in considerable discomfort and they decided to take him to the medical centre right away. Surgeons recommended that he should be operated as soon as possible so we went ahead with the operation. As they operated they discovered his right testis had to be removed because it had atrophied and the left also need an orchidopexy to save it from torsion. The surgery not only put an end to his discomfort but also prevented other complications later on in life such as the risk of developing testicular cancer.

Hassan’s mother is a subsistence farmer, producing enough food just for domestic consumption. With no other source of income was no money and no chance of funding medical treatment. Thanks to our amazing fundraiser, Anna Thubron, we were able to cover the bill helping Hassan’s mum avoid getting into debt and further poverty.

Hassan’s mum said to our volunteers: "I don’t know whether God will one day make me rich, if it happens I will be able to pay you for what you have done for us. My child has been through problem after problem with his health, but now all are gone with your intervention and he can live a normal and healthy life."


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