Aron Nshimye

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13-year-old Aron lives in the slums on the outskirts of Kampala in Uganda. He has had a tough life as his mother recently died and his father has struggled to find work while trying to looking after him and his siblings. Aaron needed to have an operation to correct hypospadias - a birth defect of the urethra in males where the urinary opening is not at the correct location. It can be an embarrassing condition and has been linked to an increased risk of testicular cancer and urinary tract infections. Aron’s dad simply couldn’t afford to get his son the medical care he needed. However, thanks to Anna’s marathon challenge we were able to cover the cost of Aron’s surgery and he is now back playing football with his friends.


Hypospadias surgery is ranked among one of the top health interventions in developing countries and is typical of the low-cost, high-impact operations we fund. Funding Aron’s surgery didn’t just make him better it also prevented his dad from getting into debt and further poverty.



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