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We’re hosting a fundraisers campaign for 10-year-old Adam on our website to help buy Adam a new wheelchair.


10 year old Adam will be heading off to secondary school in September. With the usual nerves that accompany this transition, Adam must also battle with his condition: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is a progressive muscle wasting condition caused by genetic mutations meaning his body does not produce dystrophin (a muscle protein needed to build and repair muscles). Adam was diagnosed when he was 4.


Most boys with DMD are in a wheelchair permanently between the ages of 8 and 11. Muscle function throughout the body is gradually reduced resulting in increasing dependence. DMD dramatically shortens life expectancy - it is rare for sufferers to live beyond their 20s. Adam was fitted for his current manual wheelchair when he was 4. With the extra moving between classes at secondary school Adam will be more reliant on a chair but does not have the strength to push himself requiring a teaching assistant to be with him at all times and limiting his ability to socialise with his friends. At present the NHS will not provide a powerchair for Adam but without one, secondary school will be an even more daunting prospect.


Humanity Direct funds low-cost, high-impact surgery for children in developing countries. However, we’re sharing our fundraising model and allowing Bidwells, a property consultancy local to Adam and his family, that is raising the money needed for Adam’s chair, to use our website to fundraise. By hosting their fundraiser on our website they’ll ensure that every penny donated goes towards the cost of Adam’s wheelchair as we don’t take a cut of any donations to cover any overheads. Our overheads are kept to a minimum and any we do incur are paid for privately.


Due to the size of the amount to be fundraised, Humanity Direct are donating ALL the giftaid that we receive to Adam’s wheelchair, so please make sure you tick the giftaid box.


Simply select one of our pre-defined donation amounts, or alternatively enter your preferred donation amount.
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Raising Money For Adam


Bidwells London Office

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Loved the relexology, thank you Susie.

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Thank you for my Reflexology Treatment :) Great way to fund raise




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