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Our spectacle programme gives children with the poorest eye sight a pair of glasses

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Uganda has just four pediatric opthamologists and three registered optometrists serving a population of 34 million people. Glaucoma (one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness), cataract and refraction errors are on the rise yet the majority of children will never get their eyes tested. That is why we’ve teamed up with INeedSpex to donate free glasses to children who are struggling to see.


The schools we visit are often crowded sometimes with up to 100 children per class. The blackboards are old and worn so many children can’t see what they need to learn. Visual impairment has a serious impact on children. Those who can’t see the blackboard properly will fall behind with many having to repeat a year or leave school damaging their changes of getting a decent job and escaping poverty.


INeedSpex want to ensure that every child gets the eye care they need so they can do well at school. Teaming up with us we’ll work together to provide as many children as possible with a eye test and free glasses where needed.


Over 3000 children have already received an eye-test with INeedSpex donating over 1000 free pairs of glasses to those who need them. We also identified children who needed eye surgery.


The glasses are made up by staff and friends of INeedSpex in their spare time. Donations cover the costs of the eye tests we provide (including travel costs as we drive out to the most remote areas) and any medical equipment we need such as auto refractors to enable us to provide the best eye tests possible.


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