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Funding PPE for frontline nurses & doctors working with Covid patients in Uganda

As parts of the world re-open, Uganda is fighting a new surge of Covid-19 cases & the heroes on the frontline caring for patients are in desperate need of basic essentials.

RAISED £70.00 GOAL £3,200.00



Reports suggest that Uganda has lost 50 health workers during the first & second waves of Covid including 16 doctors dying in just the last few weeks. The country already had a shortage of healthcare workers so to lose what medics they had in the midst of a worsening pandemic is devastating.


Masaka Referral Hospital, covering a catchment area of 2 million people, has asked for our help to protect its 200 frontline nurses & doctors by funding masks, gloves & home care kits. We would like to raise at least £3,200 which would buy;

  • £1000 = 10 Home based care bags (as there are no more hospital beds available in Masaka district the kits allow medics to treat people at home) they contain: containing pulse oximeter, BP machine, glucometer, thermometer, stethoscope, surgical mask, apron, N95, face shield, medicines & testing kits sanitiser)
  • £1,200 = 400 N95 face masks. These masks give the highest level of protection and can be worn a couple of times if they’re washed.

  • £1000 = 200 boxes of surgical gloves (4000 pairs)


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Raising Money For COVID-19 PPE



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