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When a fundraiser exceeds their fundraising goal, all further money raised goes into the Humanity Direct Universal Fund, from which funds are allocated to emergency medical care

Hernani'S STORY



I’m going to take part of the Humanity Direct Chiltern Challenge: a 50KM, one-day ultra marathon in the picture-perfect Chilterns in aid of funding a life-changing operation for Betty, who desperately needs to have a large hernia removed. This operation is essential to provide Betty with a chance to succeed and it is urgent as any complications arising from the hernia could put her life in risk as she lives too far away from any emergency medical care. All funds will go directly to Betty’s medical procedure including the post-operative care transport and medications.


In these uncertain days’ I also pledge, in the case of restrictions inhibiting this challenge to go ahead, to run all of the 50 km locally and according to any restrictions in place at the time.


Please help by donating what you can. 

Thank you, 



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