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Raising Funds to Pay for Essential Medical Care

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When a fundraiser exceeds their fundraising goal, all further money raised goes into the Humanity Direct Universal Fund, from which funds are allocated to emergency medical care



I’m joining our Pole to Kampala virtual event to raise money for the surgeries of Merone, Enock, Pius, Musafaruh and Dianah in Uganda. We’re aiming to cover 8,000 miles total and I’m hoping to do 100 miles over the 24 days. 


We started Humanity Direct 7 years ago because it’s easy to take for granted the medical care we can get for our children when they need it. Unfortunately that’s more the exception than the rule - over 5 billion people worldwide have no access to safe and affordable surgery. It’s an unbelievable number, and we’re trying to chip away at it! To date, we’ve raised over £100,000 and funded over 600 surgeries, along with our spectacle program through which we’ve tested 25,000 children and handed out over 2,000 pairs of glasses to children. 


So please help me pay for the surgeries for Merone, Enock, Pius, Musafaruh and Dianah. Along with all the other children we work with in Uganda, they have no other means to receive the medical care they desperately need. We take no fees and cover all the overheads ourselves, so 100% of all donations go directly to fund the required medical care. Thanks!

100% of your donation funds treatment for the person you choose and we are committed to complete transparency and accountability. Learn more.



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Gershon Lipschitz

Wonderful work you do.


Marc Shalam

From John & Jane Shalam


Aga Dennis

Well done! See you soon at the Checkpoint 1 or 2 or 3 ��


Coby Shalam


Ari Shalam

In Honor of Marc Shalam



Anonymous Donation

Richard Sutter

I’m cutting back.


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