Running a 50k race as part of Humanity Direct Amersham Ultra

info RAISED £60.00 GOAL £381.00
When a fundraiser exceeds their fundraising goal, all further money raised goes into the Humanity Direct Universal Fund, from which funds are allocated to emergency medical care

Kristiyan'S STORY


In October 2018, I did my first ever marathon. In 2019, I am challenging myself with a 50k trail race. Trail shoes and chocolate already prepared for the race.

Humanity direct is an amazing organisation that helps children that desperately need a surgery. These children live in poor countries that don’t have the same healthcare infrastructure like we do in the UK and Europe. Charities like Humanity direct make sure to help them any way they can.

100% of your donation funds treatment for the person you choose and we are committed to complete transparency and accountability. Learn more.



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Klara Bogdanova

Good run - 50k!!


Hannah Houston

First ultra marathon! You can do it!!


Kristiyan Bogdanov


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