Camilla Swift

RAISED £485.00 Fully Funded

Camilla'S STORY

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Camilla’s marathon raised funds for three patients. 3-yr-old Neema had been bitten by a puff adder on her leg. Doctors considered amputation because of the severity of the bite and an infection. However, surgery and treatment saved her leg and Neema has now made a fantastic recovery. 8 month old Esther lost three toes after crawling too close to the cooking fire. Funding helped pay for all her treatment and a lengthy hospital stay that her parents couldn’t afford. Premature twins Elineema and Eliupendo were born weighing 1.5kg and needed to be kept in hospital until they had reached 2kg. Such a stay in hospital is expensive and something that their mother couldn’t afford. Camilla’s funding covered the bill and the babies were able to go home as soon as they reached a healthy weight. Thank you Camilla and everyone who donated.

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