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Well it’s about time, after all the Ultras i have done and everyone asking which charity are you running for. I decide to actually run an Ultra for a charity, I am running the Humanity Direct XNRG Ultra  Amersham Ultra with two of my bestest running buddy’s Rich and Mike.

Last years ultra raised a magnificent amount allowing them to fund over 30 life-saving and life changing operations including skin grafts and hernia surgery for children in Somaliland and Uganda. Thanks to that ultra race those children are no longer in pain or living with a condition that left untreated could have turned into a life-long disability or in the worse case proved fatal. Instead those children are now at home or school with a brighter future ahead of them and parents that no longer have to worry about being unable to afford the treatment their children need. 




Such generosity and support meant a lot to all of us at Humanity Direct as it was the first big fundraising event we had done.  We hope that we can make this next event just as successful and fun.  

100% of your donation funds treatment for the person you choose and we are committed to complete transparency and accountability. Learn more.



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Graham McDermott

Jonni Suckling



Wendy Fear

Nice one Pete , have a good run x


Steve Fear

Good luck - even if you are a Chelsea supporter


Paul Gee

Good luck a good cause


James and Liz Perry

A very worthwhile cause. Good luck!


Richard Mayneord

As promised, I'll add an extra £5 for every 15 mins you manage to finish under 6 hours!


From Mike Wakefield


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