4 quid a KM saves a baby's sight.

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Nicholas'S STORY


This hairy goon (pictured on a boat) is running two ultramarathon trails in two months. The 45 KM (28 Mile) Downlands Challenge on August 18th and 50 KM (31 mile) Tring Ultra on 22nd September. Given the peng summer, I expect to collapse from heat exhaustion and sweat my own beard off.


Unlike baby Anxious (and her mother) I have access to world class health care and a hipster beard technician. So there’s no danger I won’t finish.


Anxious is a baby with a cyst in her eye. It’s very likely to get worse and damage her vision for life. Her mother can’t afford the operation she needs. Help me raise £200 to get her an operation. That’s all, £200.


Incidentally, I’m probably dumb enough to try to live stream from the races. Let’s see how that goes, call it a "bonus?", or proof, or something.


Thanks for reading, even if you can’t help.


Nic H.x

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Nicholas'S BLOG

Wednesday 04 July

It's actually looking good to get this girl her operation. Also, slightly alleviating my crushing fear of failure. Pat yersell on the back.

Wednesday 04 July

Bennage! Made the mistake of moving to my home county. Will shortly be bored of my shit... Knows the shaft of a fine bottle opener, when he sees one, though. Cheers!

Wednesday 04 July

Crittenden! Who probably should be bored of my shit by now. I'll obviously have to try harder... Thanks buddy.

Wednesday 04 July

OK, this Blog system sucks. You might just have to read from the bottom up.

Wednesday 04 July

... friend. Good work.

Wednesday 04 July

Hello! Yesterday was a day of thinking I might've bitten off more than I can chew (the funding, not the running, I'm still naively confident about that). Hot out of the blocks three absolut fkn legends shot hot wedge into my donation box (no it is you that have a dirty mind). FIRST! Gen that I've known for long enough to know how lucky I am to be friends with. Remarkably not to falling back on the endless supply of other skinny balding white guys but being an utterly un-judgemental supportive


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Catie Holdridge

I know you've hit target already (nice work), but here's a little extra in honour of your mad achievements and I bet there's more eyes it can go towards helping.


Ole Christian Lunde



You got this! You’re MAD but you got this!

AmyIan PayneWilson

Amazing stuff xxx


James Perkins


Ben Vaughan

I’m paying this with the expectation that you will be beardless by the end of it. If this fails to happen naturally, I will pay a hipster to chase you down and shave it off and then guilt trip said hipster into donating that money to the cause. Good luck.


Tom Crittenden


Genevieve Leavold

Run Nick, Run!


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