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80-yr-old Kenwynne is aiming to walk 20 miles a day for our Pole to Kampala challenge!

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Kenwynne'S STORY


I am doing Neils Charity Virtual event from the Pole to Uganda. I intend walking about 20 miles a day (at least) Not bad for an 80year old.


My wish to raise money for Newton--is a strong personal feeling--my Brother was born blind. To give Newton a chance would be wonderful


Thank you for your help with this.


100% of your donation funds treatment for the person you choose and we are committed to complete transparency and accountability. Learn more.


Kenwynne'S BLOG

Thursday 24 December

Thursday 24th/ I must be in the South Pole now because it's been freezing on my 21 miles today. Happy Christmas to everyone and a better New Year xx

Wednesday 23 December

Wednesday 23rd December. Another 20 miles in rain/ mud and a bit of sunshine. Well== this is the UK!!! Mind you--I guess the South Pole should feel cold ??

Tuesday 22 December

Tuesday 22nd December. Well, looks like we got to the SOUTH POLE!!! Great stuff everyone. I shall stop on the 24th and then drink to all of you, for a healthy Christmas and New Year,, See you one one of Neils Events ????? Keep well

Monday 21 December

Monday 21st December. OMG--even more mud today--very hard going. Almost Christmas day--I wish everyone a great time even if it is not our normal Christmas. Keep well--Keep Safe xxxx

Sunday 20 December

Sunday 20th. Lovely sunny day but still loads of mud. I enjoyed my 19 miles--my knees told me that was enough for today. See what tomorrow brings??

Saturday 19 December

Saturday 19th. Only 11 miles today---other things I had to do but if all goes well--I will put in some more miles asap.

Friday 18 December

Friday 18th December. So--I may as well carry on walking to the South Pole--Never been there yet. Might not do as many miles--Christmas is making it rather busy. WE CAN DO THIS !!!!

Thursday 17 December

Thursday 17th. Only 15 miles today as even and old girl, needs her hair done!! Hope the weather is lovely tomorrow--it was smashing today.

Wednesday 16 December

16th December. Finished 20 miles again today. Sounds like I haven't finished yet--SOUTH POLE. Might do less miles for that. Wishing everyone a Great Christmas---keep going xx

Tuesday 15 December

ARRIVED in UGANDA---(looking rather a lot younger) Enjoyed my walk there !!!!Kenwynne xx

Tuesday 15 December

Tuesday 15th December. A lovely sunny day--could have walked longer. So Happy to hear Newton has had is op--so very very happy. Well done to everyone who donated and congrats to the wonderful Medical staff who have looked after Newton. Happy for his family as well. What a wonderful gift--better sight!!!!xxxx

Monday 14 December

Monday 14th. Even more mud today but I managed to do another 20 miles. Thank goodness when we get to Uganda--it will be warm. and dry. I might stay over and get a tan.

Sunday 13 December

Sunday 13th. My goodness, it's freezing today and some rain--but with the Happy News that I have got to my target for Newtons Cataract's to be removed--I pushed on. 21 miles!!!. Thank you to everyone who donated. xxx

Saturday 12 December

Saturday 12th. Another 17 miles--hope to do more, if the mud and floods are better tomorrow. My shoes are covered in mud. However, I am still feeling strong and enjoying my daily walks. Another 12 days to go and get my donations for Newton.

Friday 11 December

Friday 11th. Only 17 miles today--rather a lot of floods where I walk each day. I have used two pairs of shoes and socks to get past some of it. Hope to do some extra tomorrow. Meeting some lovely people on my way around the parks and farm lands. Hope everyone is enjoying their walks/ runs. xxx

Thursday 10 December

Thursday 10th. Another 20 miles done today. One way to remove my fish and chip lunch. Been an OK day with the weather--so far so good. Still enjoying my walks--and so are our two labs--for their 0ne hour walk. Thank you for donations--Newton almost has enough for his op!!. xxx

Wednesday 09 December

Wednesday 9th. Started at 7am this morning--bit dark but day light soon was bright enough to see all around me. It was a bit muddy but nothing to bother about too much. I was in the mood for a long walk. So today I did 20 miles. Loving it.

Tuesday 08 December

Tuesday 8th December. Only 16 miles today--got to catch up with home and things for Christmas. It has been a lovely bright cold day, so it has been a lovely walk around my local farm fields.

Monday 07 December

Monday 7th December. Today there has been a thick freezing cold frost. Couldn't feel my fingers or anything else----but I carried on and did 23 miles. Always including one of my stages by taking our family labs for a walk. Hope every one is enjoying THEIR walks/ runs and raising lots of Charity money. xx

Sunday 06 December

Sunday 6th December. Did just 19 miles today in lots of mud again. This includes a family dog walk (two lovely labs) so it's win win. Newton will get his cataracts done--for sure xxx

Saturday 05 December

Saturday 5th December. I did another 20 miles today- Think I had the best weather today in Kent. A brisk walk and I was feeling nice and warm. So that is another 20 more days to go and then CHRISTMAS. (Sort of, we are in tier 3 ??)

Friday 04 December

Friday 4th--Another 20 miles done--today in mud more mud. Friday 4th--I think I saw Santa!!! I am loving my daily walks--my AM walk then a PM walk. Newton--we will get those cataracts done for you. Kenwynne xx

Thursday 03 December

Thursday 3rd--Big change in the weather today--but still not as cold as the North Pole. I did 22 miles today. Look forward to arriving in Uganda and having some lovely hot weather. Good luck to everyone taking part in this worthwhile event.

Wednesday 02 December

Wednesday 2nd---just finished 24 miles today. Making the most of good weather. Good Luck Newton. xx

Tuesday 01 December

Just finished 25 miles (entered to do 20 miles a day but the weather was so good today. Hope to raise lots of money for Newton to get his cataracts removed. Big Hug Newton I will do my best for you.

Monday 30 November

1st Day takes place on the North Pole (this was in 2006 for real)

Monday 30 November

Starting tomorrow 1st December , I will be walking 20 miles every day up to the 25th December. My Late Brother was born blind--so I would so very much LOVE for this little boy of 3 years--with our help--have his cataracts removed and enjoy seeing our wonderful world, hid family and friends.


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Wes Smith

From Frankie the Malamute. Thanks for the biscuits.


Michelle Alty

Well done Kenwynne - keep going. Amazing. Michelle Alty and Dave Williams


Ann Baldock

Another fantastic feat you are undertaking, Kenwynne, you are just amazing


Ann Laurence

Inspirational lady Kenwynne - well done


Sandra Epps

Donation from my sister in law, she thinks it's amazing that you are walking so far


Iain Abbott

Well done I hope this helps a little


Kenneth Barber

Good luck Newton. Doing my very best for you--Kenwynne






Well done so far Kenwynne. I just know you will get to the end


Sandra Epps

Good luck Kenwynne, you are an amazing lady.. Newton will be so pleased to see. Sandra and Roland xx


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