What is Humanity Direct?

Humanity Direct is a not-for-profit crowdfunding organisation funding medical operations for children in the world’s poorest countries whose families can’t afford them. Once a doctor has found a patient that fits the Humanity Direct criteria they are put on the website so we can find a donor to fund that operation. The patient then gets the care they need, we get an update on the outcome, the donor is told and the funds transferred to our medical partner. We are a charity registered in England & Wales Registered Number 1152275.

Do patients have to wait until they are fully funded before receiving their operation?

No. By posting the patient profile on the website we are giving our guarantee that we will fund the operation. The operation can then go ahead while we are raising the funds. As soon as we have confirmation that the operation is completed and the money is raised we can then transfer it to our medical partners. In some cases patients may have had an operation but are unable to pay their medical bill – these will be posted on the website as well.

Does 100% of my donation go to my chosen patient?

100% of the money raised goes directly to the hospitals to pay for the medical treatment of the patient you’ve chosen to help. Your donation does not help pay for any of our operational costs. Our over-heads are kept to a bare minimum. Our home is our head quarters and we do a lot of the work ourselves. We have funded the website and some small external help ourselves along with additional voluntary donations and funds from gift aid.

Who decides what patients are accepted to have their operations funded by Humanity Direct?

The doctors in the hospitals that we partner will send a patient to Humanity Direct if they meet certain criteria that is; the operation must be able to dramatically improve the patients life and be of a cost that the patients family could never afford. As soon as we receive the profile and are confident that we can fund the operation we post the profile on our website

What are the criteria required to receive Humanity Direct funding?

Doctors put patients forward for Humanity Direct to place on their website providing they fulfill two pieces of criteria: that the operation will dramatically improve the patient’s life and that they can’t themselves afford to pay for the operation.  

What does my money actually pay for?

Your donation is spent on medical supplies, paying for a doctor to perform the operation, a bed to stay in, food, post surgery care and in some cases transport to and from the hospital.

What happens if I don't raise all of the money for the recipient I have chosen to fundraise for?

The fact that the recipient has been placed on the website guarantees that he or she will receive their operation, even if you fail to raise all of the money to pay for the procedure.  In addition to this the recipient will be on our website and will be helped by other members of the public not just you and your friends and family.

How does an organisation or hospital become a partnership hospital or organisation?

Humanity Direct is always looking to work with new partnership hospitals and organisations in developing countries.  I|f you think we might be able to work together then please contact us at info@humanitydirect.org to discuss this further.

What is the Universal Fund?

The Universal Fund has been set up so that donors who find it difficult to choose who to help fund on the website have the opportunity to leave the decision with us.  When you donate to the Universal Fund 100 % of your donation will be received by one or more of the patients on our website.  Often we use the money from the Universal Fund to top up a patients who are close to being fully funded.  

What is the voluntary donation towards the running of Humanity Direct spent on?

All voluntary donations go towards servers, bandwidth, maintenance and development of the website.  Humanity Direct is one of the most technologically advanced and efficient charities in the world and it runs on a fraction of what other charities spend.  We on the Humanity Direct team take no salaries or fees of any kind for our work.

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