Our XNRG partnership started with a race in arctic circle


Neil Thubron, XNRG founder, celebrated his 50th by taking on the world’s toughest and coldest 300-mile Arctic race – the Yukon Arctic Ultra – in aid of one of our patients.

The Yukon Arctic Ultra is described as the world’s toughest and coldest ultra. Yet Neil went on to win it in 6 days and 19th hours after pulling his sledge for 16 hours a day through ice fields with blocks of ice as big as houses and navigated huge cracks across frozen rivers in temperatures that fell to -50c.

Neil said: “It was really important to me that this challenge wasn’t just about completing the ultra. I had just started working with Humanity Direct when I heard about girl called Grace who need surgery so she could hear properly and return to school. It was all the motivation I needed and I was determined to fund the operation.”

Neil raised over £3000 which covered the complex surgery Grace needed to reconstruct her ear canal and ears. The surgery was successful with Grace being able to return to school.

Since then our partnership with XNRG has raised thousands of pounds which has enabled us to fund hundreds of life saving and life changing surgery for children.


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