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Pledge Your Birthday

A Birthday is a great occasion, and an opportunity to celebrate life. So what better way to mark the occasion than to help ensure that a child in need can celebrate many happy returns as well. By funding a life changing surgery for a child in need, you can use your Birthday to make a real difference.
Another idea is to get your children involved on their Birthdays. Kids love the idea of helping another child and taking ownership over the fundraising cause. All of us at Humanity Direct have pledged our kids Birthdays at one point or another, and we can’t recommend it enough. And don’t worry, they still always seem to end up with more than enough presents at the same time!
Just setup a fundraiser page on our site and then tell your friends and family to donate instead of buying presents. You’ll be updated with a video later that you can share so you can all see the difference you made together. Get started here:
Marc Shalam
Posted by Marc Shalam
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